Opinion: The double damage inflation is doing to food banks

Joe Drago is the chair of Inner-City Home of Sudbury.Len Gillis / Sudbury.com

Inflation is not only forcing more people to seek the help of a food bank, but rising costs are making it harder for food banks to keep up with rising demand, says the chair of the Inner-City Home of Sudbury.

Inflation is proving to be a persistent economic challenge that affects us all. However, it’s essential to recognize the disproportionate burden it places on more vulnerable families, particularly those who rely on local food banks to meet their basic needs. 

As chair of the Inner-City Home of Sudbury — one of, if not the largest food bank in the city — I’m deeply concerned about inflation’s double impact on our operations.

Not only does inflation drive up demand for our services by making food and essentials more costly, but it also makes it more difficult for the food bank to purchase food items for families in need. 

The Inner-City Home of Sudbury’s food bank is witnessing an extended surge in demand, driven by soaring inflation rates experienced over the past year. Families who once managed their budgets are now looking for help to put food on the table. 

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